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The copies have recently arrived from the printers. Poets from around the world, including but not limited to Nigeria, India, the Philippines, Scotland, England, Canada and the US, have shared their responses to movies. As Trish Hopkinson author of "Footnote" states in her blurb, ".These poets relate to films in new and unexpected ways, including personal and vulnerable moments using persona and metaphor for self-expression of tough topics alongside the more lighthearted and nostalgic." In addition to the poetry there are two color images provided by poet/artist David James Delaney and paper that will accept the color images throughout the publication. There are 261 pages to this publication including brief biographies of each of the contributors. This edition has glossy covers. The cover image of Rochester's independent theatre, the Little Theatre, was taken by Michael Hanlon.

MOVING IMAGES: Poetry Inspired by Film Edited by Jennifer Maloney and Bart White

SKU: 0002

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