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This is book 39/50 of this title which is signed, numbered and has a poem in holograph by the poet for this publication. This volume has both the poet's poetry and a description of his struggles with the world and social interactions as an individual with Autism included in the publication. This book has adult language and situations and is not meant for people under 18.

Tales of an Unknown Brother: Offerings of an Autistic Poet Poems and a Memoir

SKU: 0007
  • This is a new publication that was just received by the publisher. There are 125 pages of poetry and the photos on the cover were taken by Joseph Schuyler. "In his verse, Gibbons sees things other miss, extracting gains from the ruins of powerlessness in which the average citizen lives, offering, then, a therapeutics for public sphere." Jim Feast, "Evergreen Review"

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